Are You Ready To Wander?

Lisa Holcomb of Wander the Whites shares safety tips for hikers this upcoming season:
I can’t stress this enough: BE AWARE as a hiker or climber! It’s a simple, but imperative reminder. Take time to listen to your body; take note of your agility, monitor your water intake, and whether your footwork is becoming clumsy; ask yourself if the weather has changed. Always checking in with yourself throughout your outdoor excursion is important, and can help you mitigate accidents.
Taking the time to enroll in a basic survival course is really beneficial, and can set you up for success and longevity when it comes to enjoying the outdoors for years to come. Survival skills such as map and compass reading, utilizing and wearing appropriate gear and layering tactics, among other skills are topics I touch on in all of my programming.
And remember: a mountain mile roughly equals one hour, so plan accordingly!
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