The Cranmore Inn

Sustainable and responsible hospitality

The Cranmore Inn is dedicated to Environmental sustainability and social responsibility. We recognize tourism puts increased pressure our local natural environment and wildlife including our landscapes, hiking trails, and waterfalls – all of which serve as our primary tourist attractions. We are committed to ensuring the White Mountains region will continue to be a vibrant, natural, and beautiful environment for many more years and be an even better place for future generations of residents and travelers. Therefore, the Cranmore Inn takes steps to minimize the negative environmental impacts of our operations and guests to improve future outcomes.

The Cranmore Inn is also committed to making sure that our region can thrive economically and socially while welcoming visitors to the Mt. Washington Valley. Economically, we want to support our own employees as well as local and small businesses to ensure area residents have the economic capacity and resources to live their lives fully. We promote increased diversity and understanding of all people, inclusivity, work-life balance, employees’ health and wellbeing, and support local businesses and entrepreneurs in order to encourage our community to prosper.

To support this vision of sustainability and social responsibility, we strive to mitigate challenges in four areas:

The Cranmore strives to maintain and improve our natural environment, to respect our natural surroundings, and minimize environmental impacts. To that end the Cranmore Inn has:

  • Preserved and restored a historic 1863 building to accommodate modern travelers and their needs
  • Generated almost half of our own energy through solar panels that have been installed on our roof in addition to using solar heat on our pool
  • Implemented more efficient lighting and water systems to minimize consumption
  • Pursued our own recycling solutions to minimize waste in land fills
  • Offset 125 MT of CO2 emissions created by our property and guests annually (tourism is responsible for 5% of the global CO2 emissions – hotels are responsible for 1%)
  • Encouraged guests to make sustainable decisions

The Cranmore Inn also endeavors to encourage and improve sustainable management practices of our natural surroundings by:

  • Supporting trail maintenance and tree replacement in the White Mountains
  • Engaging with the local community to improve the experience of both travelers and residents while maintaining and enhancing the natural beauty of the area
  • Financially supporting reforestation and trail maintenance in the White Mountains
  • Promoting new and improved strategies to manage the volume of visitors to the area and their impact on the environment

The Cranmore Inn embraces opportunities to enhance the cultural life of residents by:

  • Encouraging residents and travelers to embrace the diversity of all people and to respect their individual cultures and identities
  • Standing up against discrimination when it is observed so individuals can live in a welcoming and positive community
  • Financially supporting local organizations to enhance the quality of life in the area including White Mountains Pride, M&D Playhouse, the Lions Club, schools and others

The Cranmore Inn is community driven and implements policies and practices to create positive socio-economic impacts in the local community including:

  • Paying our locally hired staff a fair living wage and providing financial support toward health insurance and retirement savings
  • Using locally owned and operated businesses wherever possible
  • Volunteering for SCORE which offers residents and locally owned businesses advice and guidance on how to establish, manage or enhance their locally owned business
  • Taking leadership roles in local organizations, including the Chamber of Commerce, to help bring about positive change in our local communities.